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Archit Gupta commented on 15 May 2019, 05:50 PM

Hello Prateek sir.
I am a huge admirer of your work and particularly of your Learnapp initiative. As a CA/CFA student I particularly love attending the live virtual classes conducted by renowned experts in that particular topic/field.

The concept is really amazing and it has helped me and countless others a lot. Can’t thank you enough for starting this.
But, I also have a few humble suggestions, which I will like to mention here. (with all due respect to your knowledge and insights)

I want Learnapp to be “the source” for 1.Technical Analysis 2.Derivatives Trading(particularly options).
3. Commodities Trading, and not just wrt the theory modules but basically how can we apply these concepts in ever-changing, volatile market dynamics should also be covered thoroughly. (live virtual classes, simulation classes are a great example of that).PDF notes etc can help a lot as well. Quality of the content should be on par with the leading institutes in India/abroad.

A full-fledged course, on these topics divided into 3 parts beginner, intermediate, and advanced will be of great help to enthusiasts/professional finance/financial markets students/traders alike. The reason why I am mentioning this is, my experience with courses/workshops on these few topics have been very dismal. So many websites/experts/tv pundits etc are claiming to be ‘God’ of this and that and in lieu of that, they are charging an exorbitant fee for the same with sub-par content and bogus claims of instant profits and what not. As a finance student and professional, this bothers me a lot and hence I took this initiative to write a long note to you on a public forum.

Once again as I write this, with all due respect and admiration, I want to repeat that what you have done is of great help and importance to all of us specially when we all know how dismal financial literacy is in India and this need to be addressed urgently which you and your team have and are constantly doing with this amazing platform.

You are a seasoned professional/entrepreneur while I am just an enthusiast /newbie finance student and this is just a humble suggestion to you sir. I am a huge fan/admirer of you and Abid Hassan sir ( founder of Sensibull ).
Looking forward to hearing and learning from you.
PS: I hope you guys create a forum/community of Learnapp users so that we can interact with each other on a regular basis, discuss and debate, organize meetups etc at regular intervals.

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