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MD Vyas commented on 09 May 2019, 10:41 AM

Dear Team Zerodha & Nithin,

Thank you for one more gift to investors and wish you all the luck for future. I would like to provide feedback on my overall experience with Zerodha for last 6 months and also, what a coincidence that yesterday morning only I had a word with your Customer Care for Sentinel.

I never came to Zerodha thinking as discounted broker, I came for technology, simplicity and easy of business (Brokerage really doesn’t really matters if you are making money and not a full time trader). As an entrepreneur, I really adore Nithin now, how he has made Traders life amazing. Cheers.

But I think its time to move to next level as, Zerodha is now #1 broker of India and it comes with more responsibilities. Instead of making things free or cheap to investors, I think Team Zerodha should now focus on more to develop robust systems to tackle technical glitches, customer service, infra & improvement in the existing Apps, Bcoz there are Investors, who really doesn’t care about the free stuffs but a better systems in events days.

#Sentinel – I have missed many alerts and had really lost money, as I am not a full time trader and do really depends on Alerts to execute a trade. So, for me free is of no use, I can subscribe but need a systems to be more accurate and helpful when we need it maximum.

Overall, I am so amazed & happy with Zerodha and the way you are changing the whole industry is the need of this Field. Thank you so much. Cheers!

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