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Sarav commented on 08 May 2019, 04:14 PM

Exactly…MT4 is far far better in reliability & execution speed. Moreover MT4 is extremely easy to use. It uses only one screen to show all features, no where to go to place indicators, check trade execution, or P/L, or funds balance, or margin available, %margin, leverage, autotrade, place SL/TP by simply drag/drop from chart itself, or pending orders etc etc..and list of features goes on and on..
Zerodha and others are nowhere near to MT4, MT5. Even Pi lacks many features and is not easy for beginners or even Experts.

Hi Nithin, hoping to here your response on this.. when can we expect software like MT4 for free loaded with features like that. A good trader can only trade effectively when he have such kind of tools in his quiver.


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