Comment on Policy on settlement of compulsory delivery derivative contracts

SESHAN MAHADEVAN commented on 25 Apr 2019, 01:10 PM

Sir – under this new policy, my FNO position was automatically squared off by your company at 10.48am today (25/04/2019). This automatic square off resulted in a loss to me. Kindly advise where you mention that you will automatically square off the trade any time of the trading day if margins are over board and not at end of the day. After your squared off, the script I was trading in came down and I could have easily closed my trade at some small profits and avoided the loss.

The other thing i noticed is your nest trader is not live and perhaps 30 minutes or even more coming with a delayed feed. As i write Nifty 50 is trading at 11759 but nest trader is showing 11780. This is causing immense confusion and not getting my trades correct. Please also publish the delayed feed policy of your company so as to not confuse us while trading.

For once I must say after being a great fan of Zerodha for over past 5 years, today i have faced the first disappointed with your esteemed organisation. I sincerely request you to look into this short comings as I always felt you looked after your trader customers very well.

Many thanks

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