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Streak commented on 01 Apr 2019, 07:50 PM


Thanks for asking the questions.
If you see the chart, INDIACEM opened at a price higher than UBB(20,1) ALSO, the previous 15min candle (previous trading day’s 3:15pm) candle also had opened above UBB(20,1).
Now you strategy is open “crosses above” ubb(20,1), it uses CROSSES ABOVE as comparator. For cross above to happen the previous candle’s open price should be lower than UBB and the current candles open should be higher than UBB, this is the meaning of cross over. Now as the mentioned above, the prev price was already higher than UBB and so was the current candles open price, NO cross over happened, and that is why no signal would have gotten generate, this would have been the case with other stocks you were mentioning.
If you need any help in correcting you strategy according to your needs, feel free to write to us at support[@]

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