Comment on Introducing the Varsity mobile app

Vishy commented on 01 Apr 2019, 02:51 PM

Karthik & Team,

You folks rock! – seriously. The passion and zeal with which you have built the community over years – giving baby hand holding lessons to providing computational excel sheets for people to use… trust me – your legacy is now bigger than you all can fathom. I am a living example of how I have benefitted immensely from the forums, the old message boards, meticulously drafted chapters on topics people were not sure where to look for…

I am firmly of the belief that – you die the day you stop learning – this app will empower a lot of others to seek, to understand , and more importantly to test the waters (hopefully without meeting a shark)

I can go on… but Kudos to you for the passion with purpose.

Do what is necessary… Do what is possible – and Soon… You will do the Impossible.


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