Comment on Zero clearing charges for all F&O trades

Zubin commented on 29 Mar 2019, 12:11 PM

Hey Nitin,

I’ve traded with a few of the world’s foremost brokers and I have to say I love your interface and your pricing is one of the best. However there are some issues on your platform that has made me and some other traders pull their hair out and swear never to use Zerodha again. No point repeating what these issues are since you already know what they are. But they mostly tend to pop up on important days. You were even called on CNBC by Anuj to address these issues.

I also trade with other brokers, including but not limited to HDFC Securities, and I have never once encountered these issues with them. However their prices and interface leave a lot to be desired and this is why I and lakhs of other traders choose you.

My request to you is that we would be okay with paying Rs 5-10 extra per trade, but please fix the issues that cause your system to hang/become in-operational once and for all. I would also be happy if we could make markings on more than 20 charts at one time. Maybe a premium service that charges Rs 5-10 more? That’s much better than losing out on 0000s on big event days.


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