Comment on Order placement enhancements on Kite

Mohanraj commented on 16 Mar 2019, 09:41 PM

During extraordinary circumstances even orders didn’t go through from broker’s terminals which are directly connected to the exchanges via VSAT and fastest network. In such circumstances, almost all trading terminals experience lag and orders may not go through. But, what happening in Zerodha is little bit more of the problems. Hope you people are working on it and find a fix soon. After all Zerodha is evolving and during the process there may be bottlenecks and road blocks. Being No 1 in trade volume and almost more than 8% of NSE trades and volumes are handeled by Zerodha, we understand the situation. If problems persists for long, people may desert Zerodha whatever may be the advantage it provides. Traders are for trading and there is no meaning or place in zerodha if they can’t place orders during critical times. There are numerous suggestions in the feed back, kindly consider them and do the needful.

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