Comment on Today's technical issues - postmortem

Sadashiva H S commented on 11 Mar 2019, 12:37 PM

When I, lost an opportunity 2 years back for the same reason Validation pending and went on complaining to NSE for compensation my claim was rejected, stating the reason as I have signed in some where in the application while opening the account. The term used that time was Opprtunity to profit was lost.

You have given a reply that time that only for baught position we are liable for the loss if any in case the same could not be sold.

This time I was having a bought oposition get stuck in validation pending and cancelled later on and trading resumed. But still I placed the sell order 3 times at market rate but all the three time it get rejected saying the fund is insufficent.

Why I should have fund when I have bought position?

I have lost all confidence in your group as well as NSE’s transperency and justice to small investor.

Its most unfortunate you become no.1 without any merit and definetely without an alternative facility to face this kind of situation without making your trusted investor loosing their investment.

Stock market operations is matter of seconds and not even a minutes but you boast of your self as India’s biggest broker by taking one whole day without any result while our soldiers are fighting at the border.

I can only say, I am ashamed of myself for having trusted you, even with my previous experience with you and intrducing some good clients to you.

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