Comment on Order placement enhancements on Kite

SD commented on 04 Mar 2019, 12:53 AM

Sir, I strongly feel that now-a-days you are giving more attention to the accessories (e.g., coin, streak, sentinel, smallcase, sensibull etc. etc.) than they deserve. Because of which your main business (i.e., brokerage income from trading and/or investment of/by clients) is getting affected. My observation may sound like an advisory of your business decision though, being a well-wisher as well as a loyal client even after being affected many times due to technical failure of your system I wanted to convey this to you. I guess more than 80% of the income of zerodha is coming from trading by traders hence sound improvement of your system for traders is need of the hour. Even for that if you have to remove some of the accessories you should do that for your benefit only. You have a long way to go and hence please focus more and more on your core business. All the best.

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