Comment on Policy on settlement of compulsory delivery derivative contracts

ZerodhaGuy commented on 02 Mar 2019, 08:08 PM

Dear Nithin Kamath sir,

Your support team is saying that because of this policy (physical delivery) it is compulsory to have a demat account and equity segment enabled.

Sir please tell me that practically how can a small trader take physical delivery of shares. Right? You anyways have necessary safeguards to block additional margin until expiry. The trader will be forced to close position and a situation of physical delivery never arises. So with so many safeguards why insist on a demat account.

Alternatively, to further protect yourself and the trader give an option to disable these contracts for clients who do not have demat. Or just enable index futures and not stock f&o.

Can you please take this up with your team internally? The request is to provide a trading account only (like earlier) and not force people to have demat.

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