Comment on Today's technical issues - postmortem

Naseef commented on 01 Mar 2019, 07:34 PM

Hi Nitin,

“over 90% of the activity load half a million of our concurrent clients produce every day is handled by our systems efficiently, but the rest of the 10% that still goes to the OMS sometimes acts as the weakest link”. If you are stating that the front-ends and associated components built by Zerodha handle 90% of the load and only 10% goes through OMS(which is supposed to be the backbone of a trading system), this is a cause for greater concern as it indicates a model which discards the power of platform, let alone leveraging it.

“Thomson Reuters is the largest OMS vendors in India powering several dozen brokers”. It is puzzling how such a system is not capable of handling a small portion of the Zerodha load while powering some of the top brokerage houses in the country. Do you plan to replace this 10% also with a system built by Zerodha, and do you expect this new system to address the load that a tried and tested system in the market is not able to handle ? I would like to be optimistic about the most tech-savvy brokerage house in India, but you make me skeptical here.

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