Comment on Order placement enhancements on Kite

Satyanarayan commented on 01 Mar 2019, 12:55 PM

Hey Zerodha:

(1) Good cosmetic changes. On some other normal day, this would have received huge likes. But not after the outage day 2 days before.

Prioritize the following in case of outage.
(a) Ensure you dont have any outages. (unrealistic but try more backups). We are all willing to pay say 30 Rs brokerage to become prime clients, if required. Think about this.
(b) In case of outage, and we are in position, allow only them to place orders to exit their position.
For this create a new order channel- which you will open in case of failure only. I am trying to say build a fire engine lane. This channel cannot be used to create a new position in case of outages.
(c) Try to enhance Auto square off to 3:28. At 3:27 remove user control. And simply exit by 3:29. Your ASO typical time is 2 minutes.
These changes would be like a huge donation. Pop up cosmetics are good. Nice. Cool.

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