Comment on Order placement enhancements on Kite

Deepak commented on 01 Mar 2019, 12:32 PM

We need a feature very badly in Kite…..

Suppose I have pledged liquidbees with zerodha and also given shares as collateral to zerodha…..and having cash balance in my account as well.

On Monday 1 write 10 lots of nifty options ( it uses my liquidbees , cash and collateral component)….. and say on Tuesday then i purchase RIL shares ( for delivery) ….on Wednesday i buyback 3 lot of nifty options.

on Thursday i want to buy say yes bank shares for delivery …then it is diffcuilt to find out the cash in hand to buy these yes bank shares ( i dont want to use margin for buying yes bank since intrest would be levied on it).

So actually we should have a clear picture every morning saying that X amt of Liquidbees , Y amount of collateral and Z amount of Collateral is available for trade today.

This would prevent traders from doing manual calculations every morning.


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