Comment on Today's technical issues - postmortem

Yogesh commented on 28 Feb 2019, 11:22 AM

Even if I decide to believe what you are saying is true, the frequency with which such things are happening with Zerodha is alarming in comparison with other brokerages. Why other brokerages, even with your own previous performance. If my memory serves me right, Zerodha faced such technical glitches around 4-5 times in whole 2018 and now when we are just in Feb in the current year, already Kite has faced issues 4 times.
If you say you are the leading brokerage in India, you need to up your game and start behaving like one.
For instance, your phone customer support team is pathetic and I think you also do not have sufficient phone lines to cope with your huge customer call flow. Try to understand that customers will not call you daily to chitchat, they will call only when there is such issue and at such times there is bound to be huge flow. If you cannot handle customer flow on problem days then what is the use of your phone support team.
Also, when I send an email with some issue like yesterday’s issue, the first response will be some random thing which in no way addresses the query.
I request you to educate your teams on proper resolutions, build more robust systems and respect customer’s money like your own. Else, soon you will be losing customers faster that you gained them.

Here’s hoping that at least these comments will not go unnoticed.


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