Comment on Today's technical issues - postmortem

Sid commented on 28 Feb 2019, 09:25 AM

I dont understand one thing – you say that the connectivity bridge is managed by OMS Omnesys, but later you say that only 10% of the orders goes thru OMS. This doesnt make sense. Please realise that you have a great responsibility to be open and clear about what happened, but there is no clarity in this report.

Also, your broadcast messaging needs to be vastly improved. You sent almost no messages when the problems started, later you blocked orders and then re-opened them. Thereafter, again your system went down. You should have not jumped the gun till the network was 100% validated functioning. Also, you should have warned your customers to close their positions and wait till everything was A-OK before opening new positions. I am sorry, but you failed miserably on all fronts.

I believe the CNBC raising the issue in the morning has forced you to come out with some sort of explanation. In the past you never gave any importance to these sorts of events, which happened on a smaller scale. It should have been a warning that something bigger could eventually go down, so did you take cognizance of that ?

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