Comment on Today's technical issues - postmortem

Raza commented on 27 Feb 2019, 07:34 PM


It’s nice that you’ve given an explanation, but I’m sorry to say that these technical problems of orders not going through and CO orders being blocked are increasing at an alarming rate.

Customers come to you with the minimum expectation of getting their orders placed. As a discount brokerage, not much more is expected from you. But even if that is not getting fulfilled, then you have more than a reason to worry about your business sustainability. If as a brokerage you don’t have the capability to handle order volume, then it would be better to just be honest and don’t accept further new account requests until the system is made robust enough. Apologies alone cannot regain customer losses, and more importantly, their trust.

Don’t get me wrong, the work you’ve done so far is commendable, but there is apparently a lot more that needs done. Hope you’ll work on it and bring these issues to their resolution in a prompt and timely manner.

Best wishes going forward,

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