Comment on Today's technical issues - postmortem

Suta.. commented on 27 Feb 2019, 06:46 PM

Dear Sir,
I am worried by seeing the failure of your system today that’s why I am writing here today.
I think today I have faced one of the worst day for placing order in my zerodha history. Though I have benefited a bit because of the delay of order execution today…. but at the same time I was very worried and tried every possible way to execute my trade or take reverse position using alternate broker. I was unable to decide what to do at that moment.
I must add you had a bad luck too as the problem happened in such an important day and it went through a very long time 10:35 to 12:15. The largest brokerage house of India can not afford to have blackout for 2 long trading hours. As you have rightly mentioned… this is not happening for the first time…. If i remember correctly your system failed many times (for smaller duration though) particularly during exceptional volatile days.
I often say that you are one of the best in many aspects but you must have to be more careful otherwise if such things happen repeatedly then possibly the beginning of something unfortunate for you is not far away. Being one of your big fan I am criticizing you too. I think many people like me today was thinking twice thrice before placing another fno/intraday order. Its nice of you that you have elaborated the reason behind it.
Hoping for the best solution from you.

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