Comment on Today's technical issues - postmortem

Venkat commented on 27 Feb 2019, 06:31 PM

Hi Nithin,

It’s time to wake up. Technical issues have become a norm at zerodha these days. I closed my brokerage account with the likes of HDFC securities and Sharekhan and moved to zerodha 5 years because of how robust your platform was, and how annoying other brokerages were.

You had a bold vision to usher in a change, and have succeeded in that.

Zerodha was a godsend for a retail investor like me at that time.

But due to all this technical issues is zerodha becoming the very problem that it tried to fix in first place ?

You did not have competition before. But you do have the likes of upstox and other fintech players out there now.

It’s time to wake up !!

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