Comment on An all new login flow for Kite

munish commented on 27 Feb 2019, 05:29 PM


if 10 Ques Ans are not secure, how ONLY 1 six DIGIT number is secure……..strange
in ANS we can add alphabets in CAPITAL,small, NUMBER, special char @ # $ % ^ & * etc
in pin only 1 six DIGIT number is secure ……………….so kindly think again

it is misleading that anybody can guess your answer
it is up to the client what answers he has saves.
eg my bank saved is BAnana#5

i know my comment will not be answered by the team

kindly ..please.. continued the personal question based authentication for those who prefer it.
That is by far, the most secure, which you forcibly removed.
Please continue it for those who want.

how to use TOTP if one does not have smart phone
and he is using LAPTOP/COMPUTER to login
we should have instant SMS to login

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