Comment on Technicals by Streak on Kite

Paresh commented on 07 Feb 2019, 12:47 PM


I clicked on ‘create strategy’, out of curiosity after getting the popup for ‘Technicals’ from the Kite context menu. Then there was some EULA kind of page, –which also said welcome to your Diwali Offer!? – which I closed (without agreeing or anything). But then, I have received an email saying ‘Welcome to Streak’. So I went back, and agreed to the EULA to see what I had gotten into. There seems to be no pricing, and it says billing via Kite. I am confused, nowhere did I agree to either a free trial or a paid subscription (I do not know which one this is, btw). So, could you elaborate how Streak works – is it free, free to try, or direct subscription? I did not intend to subscribe (without explicitly consenting). Please help me understand (and if required, remedy) the situation.

Thanks in advance,

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