Comment on Consequences of Short delivery - NSE/BSE

Vikas Agrawal commented on 05 Feb 2019, 11:55 AM

Sir, I am dmat a/c holder of zerodha. I have bought 200 shares of sbin at Rs. 286.75 target of 300 Rs and 200 shares of avantifeed at Rs 315.20 target of 375 Rs on 30 Jan 2019, but when my target arrived at the+2 day on 1 St Feb 2019 but there isn’t any holding showing my account both sbin and avantifeed showing zero that’s why I couldn’t sell my eaquity and I have to sell them on 4 th feb 2019 I made loss of 1580 in sbin while I could make profit of around 2600 and avantifeed at Rs 336.8
I have made mrofit of 4320 while I could make profit around 12000. I have discussed Mr siddarth who was involving in my a/c opening who told me this is zerodha’s policy that on t+2 day you are unable to see your holding in your a/c and also told me that you are trading on zero brokerage so you have to bear all this. I have asked him a/c closing form and going to close my a/c I have paid almost 2500 RS brokerage to zerodha while I haven’t started trading properly, I also have dmat a/c in reliance and I asked them about the case they told me it is not possible the holding must be shown in your trading account, I never faced such problem in with reliance,
Pls look into the matter, I hope I will get atleast my loss back.

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