Comment on Technicals by Streak on Kite

Suresh Chandra commented on 02 Feb 2019, 09:48 PM

Nithin and Matti.. can you explain why you blocked (1) bank nifty option trading bellow or above of almost 1% up or down (2) and All type CO / BO order block if you feel market will be volatile ?? Please don’t give excuse about NSE circular because i read already it.. it was only for HNI and big traders. Strange thing is in India it’s happen only on your third class plate form. after i switched in another broker’s plate form i never stuck that type of problem. remember if you don’t solve this . .i will share none satisfying comment about your trading plate form and your behavior (Due to you never give that type issu’s reply) on 1 lac + websites. i can do this in one day only and i can send 24 Lac SMS in one day.

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