Comment on Zerodha is now India's #1 stock broker

Sanjay commented on 11 Jan 2019, 02:47 PM

Congrats Nitin and the team. I spoke to you before opening an account with Zerodha in 2010 and was convinced about your vision. I have referred many friends and relatives. What a journey since then. Growth of 47 times in 5 years is brilliant and super execution. Could not get a multibagger like this in trading. Beating the likes of HDFC, ICICI and Sharekhan is not an easy task. Good that a discount brokerage team overtook the biggies.

Now you are at the top, how to stay there? Few ideas below.
1. Integrate the Sensibull, Streak, Sentinel etc… services with kite. (like coin)
2. Improve the trading platform (something like the interface of ThinkorSwim or Interactive Brokers both discount brokers)
3. Take care of the downtime issues. (more servers and better bandwidth to them)

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