Comment on Zerodha is now India's #1 stock broker

rajan commented on 11 Jan 2019, 12:46 PM

Dear Matti / Nitin,

Congratulations for this incredible achievement !!!
I just have 2 suggestions that you hope you will implement:–
1. Far OTM options in Nifty / Banknifty could not be bought as we approach expiry day because of the limit set by NSE on Zerodha (as a trading member). I understand that your big clients are taking away most of the allotment made by NSE. My suggestion is that you allocate some minimum daily quota for every F&O trader for these options (like say, 3 lots). This way smaller traders like me can get benefited, as we need to buy them for hedging my other positions. To be eligible for this quota, you can set some criteria like, the trader should have traded at least 10 lots per week (as an example) on banknifty / nifty options. This way you can filter out those who do not need them so that the quota goes to deserving traders only.
2. In the Renko and Range bar charts in Kite, please make the completed brick and bar permanent. You can offer this as an additional option in Kite, so that those traders like me who need the charts this way can make use of it. Many platforms in the world markets offer it this way. This will help a lot in better analysis of the past charts to arrive at a good strategy.
— rajan

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