Comment on Introducing Zerodha's New Support Portal

Rahul Sanas commented on 05 Jan 2019, 09:59 PM

I’ve very bad experience with Zerodha Support. They’re not providing support in timely manner and nobody is willing to resolve the customer issues.

I’ve opened support ticket 4 months back and have not received any solution yet. They keep waiting 15-20 days each time I comment on the ticket. Nobody is willing to work on it.

Also they’ve closed the ticket multiple times saying that they’ve reported the issue to their developer team. But still the issue is not resolved, so I had to re-open the ticket again and again.

I tried to call the supprot number and talked with the representative and their senior and they’ve no knowledge about thier systems and they keep telling the same instead resolving the issue.

What is the purpose of all this “Zerodha’s new support portal” if you’re not resolving the issues effectively?


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