Comment on Quarterly settlement of funds & securities

Aditya commented on 31 Dec 2018, 10:31 AM

Hi Team,

I think there is an issue with your quarterly settlement this quarter. Firstly, the account preferences for a long time has been transferring funds to overnight liquid funds, however for unknown reasons this time you folks seem to have chosen the other option on your own. The amount has not been received by the bank either when we checked with them, and when we call your helpline they either route us to the bank again or the call gets dropped or we are asked to wait till EOD.

Its really sad that your customers are losing time and a live trading day and need to follow up for these basic transactions to close! Pls ensure going forward that if your systems get refreshed, the customers are alerted in advance to recheck their preferences if that was what the issue was here.

Also, kindly acknowledge that there is an issue here and help avoid recurrence folks who trust the service they once moved in for!

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