Comment on Introducing Sentinel

UmeshKanade commented on 29 Dec 2018, 11:31 AM

Hi. You guys are doing a great job with new updates on your products. Keep it up.
I am using Pi/Kite since the last 7 years and I feel the need of this desperately. And I have been using Tradetiger before that since 2006.
I do have a few concerns about certain features not available on your apps.

1) Sentinel gives text alerts on the screen. What if a trader is on another web page? What if he is in office working on something? Sentinel needs to give SOUND alerts. That is the most important feature missing. If you cannot give that, at least a modal window should pop up on the screen about a price alert set by the user. Sharekhan’s Tradetiger gives modal window price alerts. Timing is everything since no one would like to keep looking at the prices throughout the day.

2) I would request you to put 2 and 4 hour time frames on Kite as much as Pi.
3) Can we have scanners on kite in the same way as in Pi?
4) Can we have the “snap to quote” feature, as in Amibroker, for studies drawn on the charts? Without this, a trendline break or price level break cannot be interpreted perfectly.
5) Extending on point 4), can we have a scanner that displays user drawn trendline breaks and user-set price level breaks?

Analysis is a pain at this point, since most traders like me have to depend of various software other than Zerodha’s for analysis.

Hope you understand.

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