Comment on Policy on settlement of compulsory delivery derivative contracts

Guna commented on 24 Dec 2018, 04:03 PM

Hi Faisal,

Unfortunately few of my positions was squared off by RMS just now. I called the support team and requested to look into my concern of deep OTM position. There is a 30+ % difference for my calls and there is high chance that it will not turn into ITM with just only 2 trading days left. The position is safe as per SEBI circular upside difference of 17.74% for risk free. The position will become worthless in couple of trading days where as it got auto square off @ .50 & 0.65 which is very disheartening. Lucky that there was sell order at least in this price if not i would have incurred loss in this trade which has atleast 90% probability that it will be zero on Thursday.

Having said that I understand this may be a new scenario and it would be great if we could implement with a rule of 20+% difference for the respective Call/Put to not to make the position come under Zerodha RMS team monitor which will not affect any traders like me in the future.

Thanks in Advance,

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