Comment on "Zerodha - India's best retail brokerage for 2018" by NSE

Satyanarayan S commented on 05 Dec 2018, 11:38 AM

1. As a tiny daytrader, ( and that too losing ) I am very happy I switched to Zerodha. At the end of the year brokerage savings is huge plus.
2. Another great plus is you guys don’t recommend any buy or sell. That is great.
3. Brokerage firms in US markets also charge very low.
4. Why dont you tie up with world class charting software like NT. ? A mild increase in brokerage is more than welcome.
5. Why dont you add feature at cost. Like messge after every trade whether done by you or us, at some monhly cost? This could be optional.
6. You also give scanners, (in pi) auto tetsing etc. That is also a huge plus. Because nobody else in India gives it. IMHO.
Good keep maintaining and improving. Best of luck.

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