Comment on Introducing Sensibull -- the Options Trading Platform

Archit Gupta commented on 28 Nov 2018, 05:59 PM

Kudos to the whole team at Sensibull.You guys have created a very powerful and useful tool for all kinds of options traders with a very elegant and easy to use UI.Abid sir,as a finance student and a newbie options/futures trader who is more than eager to learn about the intermediate and advanced concepts of options such as greeks,strategies,volatility based concepts and what not,I can’t thank you enough for doing all these live classes on learn app and on your Sensibull education channel.You have no clue how insanely useful they are for aspiring options and futures traders like me.Sir,I just have a humble request for you,as you guys keep updating Sensibull with more and more features and sophisticated powerful tools please don’t stop doing these live classes/courses.Please try to develop a full fledged course related to all aspects of options trading under 3 modules.Beginner, intermediate and advanced(from what’s a call/put to volatility skew/surface,greeks,delta neutral strategies etc) so that aspiring traders like me can study about options and more specifically learn practical and advance aspects of options/trading directly from you in a structured manner.Learning directly from you will be like a dream coming true for many of us .Your time tested knowledge,B school background and all that years and years of practical experience of trading options across asset classes will come very handy for newbie students/enthusiasts/traders alike.Thank you and wishing you and your team the very best .

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