Comment on The Zerodha Universe

Ramachandra commented on 15 Nov 2018, 05:46 PM

Adjustment of share price post bonus iisue fo Shares:

After issue of bonus shares, in holdings, total number of shares (incl. bonus shares), but average cost ie purchase price is not shown.
After sale of shares both original and bonus shares, P&L statement shows loss against original shares. Bonus shares sale P&L is not shown (ie. bonus share sale price – cost price which is zero ) is not shown in P&L statements. I have experienced this with respect to sale of bonus shares for the past one year.

Almost all the brokerages houses adjusted average purchase price of shares. Bonus shares sale P&L also is shown. So there is no need to manually calculate P&L of bonus shares. Whats special about zerodha not to follow the method followed by other brokerage houses. Rather than rectifying the discrepancy, vague answers are given justifying their method.

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