Comment on Zerodha-business-opportunity

Sivakrishnam commented on 13 Nov 2018, 05:35 PM

Thank you for response that i clearly read the documents about partner with what you assigned with mail. I am really impressed and waiting to associate. But i have some doubts on that..

1.Do i need pay any deposit for partner program?
2.when i refer clintes to zerodha when they get singup and renew do i get any money to my partner account?
3. When my client trade in equity delivery do i get any brokerage commission because zerodha has no brokerage for equity delivery?
4.can i access my clients accounts from the backend through website.? a partner with offline trading available for me or clients? there any communication line for me and my clients for call and trade and other account related enquires?
7. What about leverage is it surely for intraday only or otherwise can extend to 5days or something because competitors are providing 5days time for the leverage?
8.what is the exact brokerage amount or clintes to reach to get a franchise from
9. Will you provide training and how many days??

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