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Bhushan shinde commented on 07 Nov 2018, 04:58 PM

Can you please answer this
I have 100 stocks of pc jewellers since 10 days, which i bought at 56.25 rs. When it start going down from 98, I sell those stock at 92 rs. It goes into position tab where profit and loss is fluctuating with almost 1200rs profit because share went down more. So if i buy this share back will i get the profit of 1200 rs. What price it buyback the stocks again old price or current
Or for getting this profit i need to convert it into MIS. and what if i convert cnc position into mis. Thus it will get square of automatically.
I get confused because same thing i did in tata motor stock where i buyback the stocks at higher price and i face loss of 264.

Please explain with example if possible

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