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Sunil kumar commented on 29 Oct 2018, 08:40 PM

Hi Nithin,

I have one request regardig kite app. when expiry date of a stock changed.

Stock “XYZ” is trading at 890.
Option -XYZ NOV 29 900CE
Above call will expire on 29 th Of Nov. Usually.
Now consider, due to some adjustments it has decided the revised release date (expiry date) of all options contracts on 20th Nov.

Now, If some one is trading on 20th Nov. and bought -XYZ NOV 29 900CE (as zerodha dosn’t display revised date on application.) @4.0 option premium. After some time premium closed at 0.05. so trader end up with loosing all money even “XYZ” closed at its high point 898.

Problem is :
1-Trader was not aware of the revised expiry date as zerodha published this in news section only without any notification in kite mobile app.

2-when trader was going to select XYZ mention call/put option for trading – no popup or tooltip was there. This must be there as zerodha is not renamed the options.

Note: there is always a possibility to miss any important news buy traders. This should also be the responsibility of zerodha to notify traderds in any way while selecting a traade having some critical change atleast in -change in expiry date if zerodha is not modifying the date.

I have also lost money in same situation even I was in handsome profit for that day but suddenly I end up with huge loss & I was surprised what happened ??

Note: I always follow news from different sources including zerodha news feed section but there is no guarantee to have all news in mind while trading. Atleast above scenario must be handled buy the trading application or broker.

Sunil kumar

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