Comment on Introducing Stockreport+ by TR

Yogesh commented on 19 Oct 2018, 05:24 PM

Hi Team,

I felt Karthik was desperately trying to sell the product during the webinar. However my questions are:
1. When you were discussing about Stop loss on intra day basis. I wanted to know whether that 2.3 % is Intraday high – Intraday low or the difference between the close and open price of that day.
2. When it comes to valuations, I feel relative valuations is of no use unless you provide us the DCF for it. We need more substantial data than saying it is cheap because other companies in this sector are more expensive. I request the team of Zerodha to connect with the report providers and ask for DCF as well. If this is provided i dont mind paying a higher price for the reports as well.

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