Comment on Streak just got a whole lot better

Venkatesh V commented on 18 Oct 2018, 08:34 PM

Dear Sir,
I was just using your streak on trial period and have a question.
i just see that you cannot create and save an algo without a baacktest, is that correct? if that is the case i would exhaust with backtest count for every small change in algo modification…what is the logic behind that?

secondly also i see without a mandatory runbacktest…i could not able deploy an Algo right? Again i do not understand the logic behind it…

finally say i created an algo with 5 scripts and now i wanted to add 5 more and deploy, here again i have to re-run 10 new back test, even though i run for first 5 scripts earlier…ideally i must run only for second 5 only right? pls again explain what is the logic behind it?

finally what if i exhaust with back tests allowable even with premium plan also?

Pls do revert.


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