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Uma Chaari commented on 15 Oct 2018, 11:38 PM

I have completed all the formalities for account opening and am yet to get the login credentials after 5 days.
And, my husband’s account is not reflecting the holdings of the shares that we bought inspite of completing POA formalities. We have written mails to the support team, raised tickets, Made atleast 100 phone calls. We have cc-ed to complaints mail id too. Somebody has simply forgotten to enable the holdings and the executives are simply uncooperative. This is a basic process and this is not done properly, how can we move the moneys to create any holdings. Already 5 lakhs of our moneys are stuck. I hope Mr Nithin takes note of the backend support team’s inefficiency and rude lackadaisical behaviour and rectifies it. Becythwnconcept is wonderful but for it to work the, support has to be good too. Otherwise trust is lost.

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