Comment on Presenting smallcase 2.0

Namrata commented on 01 Oct 2018, 10:33 AM

Hi Ravindra! There are no lock-in periods, so may exit your smallcase anytime – even within 2 days. You can also add/remove stocks from your smallcase anytime by going to Investments > smallcase > Manage under smallcase constituents

2. The tax calculation for smallcase stocks is also included in your tax P&L on Q – same as the stocks you buy directly on Kite.
3. On the smallcases platform, you can track the P&L for your smallcase as a whole as well as for individual stocks that are in your smallcase currently. For the overall P&L for each stock, you can refer to your P&L statement on Q.
4. Got it. The format for the tax P&L is the same as the other stocks you buy directly on Kite.

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