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Abhay commented on 28 Sep 2018, 03:36 PM

Same issue with me.

I have transferred my account from ILFS to Zerodha . For last one week market is falling but i am not able to sell my holding because in kite my holding quantity for all my script/shares shows very less. My portfolio turned from profit to loss and i was not able to sell my holding. Now, what i can see that , in back office/console , my all share holding quantity showing wrong (reduced by more than half for few scripts). I raised so may tickets regarding the same but all were closed saying my ILFS account closure in progress.

Even though my account closure in progress, why my holding quantity and price is not showing correct in back office/console?On what basis i can trust Zerodha that once my account movement will be done then the quantity shown by Zerodha will be correct. I caught this fraud/cheat things because i am maintaining money control portfolio/excel to update my daily transaction. I want @Nitin Kamath to answer and look on my current ticket #20180927693357

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