Comment on Introducing Stockreport+ by TR

shaw commented on 23 Sep 2018, 11:56 AM

Dear Nithin,

Same here. I am quite concerned. My email and phone number is already compromised, due to my earlier exposure. These days it is very difficult to keep away from such calls.

I wish zerodha, aspiring to be a retailer friendly, needs to state clearly state its privacy policy and customer data sharing. It needs to be good for users so that they can trust zerodha and it needs to be enough for zerodha to leverage its position. Its easy to use the retailer tag leverage to transform into a corporate, but values are equally important not to be lost. Even small mistakes can hurt, and by staying moral grounds you will be much safer.

The best would be to give an options in kite to opt-in on how your data is being shared with whom and what kind of agreement zerodha has with others and if you unsubscribe how that is taken up to delete your data.

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