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Laldhari Kumar commented on 23 Sep 2018, 05:26 AM

I opened account with Zerodha on 15.09.2018. I started trading from 17.09.2018. POA was received at Zerodha office on 19.09.2018. Till now i have not not the confirmation mail from Zerodha regarding POA.
I am not able to sell Delivery which i am loosing seriously.
I contacted customer support and it was promised that i will get confirmation mail within 24 hrs after receiving POA. No Confirmation mail was received.
Again contacted Customer support and requested to arrange call back from sale manager. No call back received.
I wrote to sale manager and i got promise that i will get confirmation mail by 21.09.2018. Again i did not got confirmation mail.
I received in reply only “Sorry for inconvenience”.

Agin requested customer support to arrange call back by sales manager and was promised that this time i will definetly get call back i dont need to worry. Again i didnt got call back. Is your sale magaer employee so busy that they cant talk for 2 minute with client.

At last may i know the reason of such undesirable delay. Who is responsible for same. When will i get confirmation mail? When Holdings will get activated?

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