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Hari commented on 20 Sep 2018, 01:28 PM

Hi Nithin,
Below are the reasons to understand why only few people were using COIN.

1. Investors are approaching goal based investments plan. this means, the platform should be able to allow them to define, allocate funds and monitor goals.
2. Investors want the returns to be expressed in CAGR terms.
3. Investors want to have a look of all their investments at one place. This means, as an investor, s/he should be able to see her holdings in Zerodha, COIN, small case all in one page.
4. Investor want to assign/ map investments to a particular goals.
5. Investors would like to know the probability of attaining a goal.
I think, if these thigs are provided, investors would jump in again for other products of Zerodha. is one of the free online MF platform which provides all above facilities free of cost.
Zerodha can chose to charge for these facilities. Only the thing is Zerodha should make an attempt to address this requirement.

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