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Bimal commented on 18 Sep 2018, 09:10 PM

How is settlement of MF Units is done which are purchased through COIN.
On 21/08/18 I placed a buy order for BNP Paribas Liquid Fund for Rs.6 Lakh and the money was debited from my account on the same day. I can see the MF units allotted in COIN. But it is not in my demat account. I placed a sell order for the whole units on 5/9/18 and it got rejected stating UNITS NOT RECEIVED IN DEPOSITORY. The reply I received from Support portal is that “This is an issue from BSE STAR MF (our backend order routing system) and ICCL which is the clearing corporation as they have short delivered the units in your demat account”. I want either my money or the MF units credited in to my account. Still waiting after 28days for a solution.

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