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Laksh commented on 18 Sep 2018, 06:02 PM

Hi Nithin & team,

Just my 2 cents – I agree that some customers didn’t adopt Coin owing to the fee, but it’s not entirely true. For instance, I had no problem with the Rs. 50 fee, but I saw no value apart from being able to invest and get the consolidated statement of capital gains in a single place. This, I can do with a spreadsheet anyway, by investing directly going to the respective sites.

The pain of looking for the MFs and their details in Coin is what discouraged me. The list is messy, segregated by Fund Houses rather than type of funds. No option to filter based on historical returns, minimum investment etc. If you would have provided these small but useful features with a better UI and UX, I’m sure at least 25% of your customer base would have gone for it.

Good luck for future monetization plans though.

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