Comment on Introducing Stockreport+ by TR

Karthik Kannan commented on 16 Sep 2018, 10:10 PM

Hi Matti,
To be honest, no investor who reads through these research reports really understands the rationale behind why a particular company is rated with a particular number. I think investors should have an indepth analysis and understanding of the working of a company that they invest in. Not merely base their investment decisions on ratings. So, I was looking for a proper brokerage-type research report from Thomson Reuters when I subscribed to this service, not ratings.

I’m of the view that re-subscriptions or repeat purchases of this service wouldn’t happen in the future among your existing lot of subscribers if companies are just merely assigned ratings.

Though these reports are compiled by Thomson Reuters, I’d suggest you get in touch with Thomson Reuters and overhaul the concept a bit as ratings do not help an investor in making investment decisions at all.

I’m sorry to be negative, but this service would just be a fad if companies are just assigned ratings.

Serious investors always intend on reading a research report about the fundamentals of a company and the outlook of a company. Not ratings on investments. Ratings are very subjective in nature and I don’t think it helps an investor in any manner.

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