Comment on Zerodha Educate - webinars for traders

HARSHAL PANDE commented on 10 Sep 2018, 06:18 PM

Hi Zerodha / Nitin sir,

Just a few months back I have opened trading & D-mat account in Zerodha. I am a beginner & it is very difficult for me to trade in “intraday” also as there is more risk compared to “Delivery “, But I would like to do a positional trade.
that means for if I hold the stock for 2-3 days then I can make a profit & I like this positional trading.
But the biggest hurdle, in this case, is insufficient money. So My feedback is – Is it possible for zerodha to give interest-free money (margin) for 2-3 days holding only (positional trade under CNC option) without any t&c.
Waiting for the reply !!!


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