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M Vinoth commented on 09 Sep 2018, 02:39 PM

Hello Nithin/Team,

Really i am happy to use Zerodha account because the charges are very less compared to others.

once again thanks for awesome service.

Two suggestion, Regarding withdraw process & Customer Care Contact

post selling the script T+2 working days (total 3days) the amount will be credit into respective account.
The amount will be ready to withdraw on 4th working day morning.
as per current process we will get the amount by 5th working day.

My Suggestion: Regarding Amount Withdraw Process – i request you to change it like two window 1.Morning (first half) 2.Evening (Second half)

1.Morning window first Half – amount will be credited into post lunch if we give the request in morning. (4th day person will get the amount for them use)
2.Evening window second half – as per current process the amount will be credit into next day morning. (5th day person will get the amount as per the current process)

some people are may withdraw the amount for some urgency purpose only if they get the amount one day early it will be helpful.

Second suggestion:

please make it simple to talk to customer care team. instead of typing user id and pin etc before connect call to the team… post connecting the call let team can verify it no problem. now feeling very difficult to contact team.

please look into these two suggestions. thanks in advance.

waiting for your reply 🙂

M Vinoth

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