Comment on Zerodha Partner Program - Refer Clients

Prakash Patil commented on 08 Sep 2018, 08:32 PM

Hi Nithin,

I have become a marketing partner of Zerodha and I have many leads but I do not get a great support from my managers.

I don’t like to complain but it’s affecting the business for you and me.

I feel that it’s only you who would be affected if the leads don’t get added rest all are doing just their job in Zerodha.

So I am informing you about it.

Please create an escalation matrix as most of the big companies have.

My difficulties:
1. I don’t have a direct partner customer care number.
Normal customer care do not transfer the call to them.

2. When I had become a partner I did not know whom to contact for adding the leads as the website was not showing any details of my leads. I had to discover that the website was under development after calling customer care lots of time.

Actually my manager should have welcomed me as soon as I had joined under him. I had to dig out who is my manager and who will support me in the process of adding the clients to Zerodha.

Secondly all the marketing partners should have been informed that the website is under development and alternative to adding leads.

Thirdly the managers don’t even tell yes or no on SMS after the working hours.

If all these things gets improved then I will keep on adding leads to Zerodha otherwise it’s a double hard work for me……..I don’t know how much I will earn after all this double hard work.


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