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Matti commented on 07 Sep 2018, 01:36 PM

Rajendra, the choice to offer investments in demat/non-demat mode is a business decision. Coin is offered as an extension to our primary business, which is broking. Offering demat investments is easy, as our customers already have a demat account with us. This makes building a platform that allows investments and tracking of those investments a relatively simple task.

As for the advantages of demat investments, it’s the same as moving any other transaction from the physical to the digital space. The added benefit is the ease of pledging your mutual fund holdings in order to use the same money elsewhere is an added advantage. As the post says, we intend to allow doing this as part of our NBFC business that should start operations soon.

Also since mutual funds are generally longer-term investments with a larger ticket size, a 5.5 rupee DP charge shouldn’t really matter when you look at the larger picture.

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